WSTS Biography

Hailing from Buffalo, NY, We Stole The Show is known for flaunting a style that commands attention. Hip-hop has seen few groups so unassuming yet enterprising in their delivery of bars that evoke pure, vivid imagery. This duo layers inventive beats with the perfect balance of political realism and comedic observations.

We Stole the Show takes inspiration from across genres, combining wildly different but collaborative sounds, not unlike the duo itself, Phee and Source Academy Kid. Listen closely and you’ll hear layers of jazz, soul, and psychedelic rock combining to create a sound for every mood. Ranging from traditional hip-hop that encourages an introspective vibe to danceable EDM that compels you to move, We Stole the Show is unmatched in their ability to engage an audience, whether listening live or streaming tracks.

Music, motivation

We Stole the Show is about being a place for subcultures to meet, engage, and emerge – using music to reinforce awareness of their audience’s existence. Together, Source Academy Kid and Phee create an enlightened experience for their fans, one that encourages evolution and growth of their own humanity. Not afraid to be outspoken, The duo uses their music to call attention to inescapable realities for people of color in today’s society and creates a platform for grassroots activism and community involvement.